From the recording Crawling Creatures

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Come forth the crawling creatures, from the void
Spectors of darkened madness, humanoid
Lost in the endless night time, far above
Caught in an endless spiral, clawing blind for the light

Rays of illuminescence, all emerge
Alight in silver fire, glowing surge
Out from the blinding darkness, rising high
Erase the shadow nightmare, engulf the world with a light

Spellbound the crawling creatures, are mystified
All turn towards the fire, from the sky
Enchanted by the brilliance, of the light
Engulfed by the illusion, by the flame, by the light

"Come forth spellbound vermin of darkness,
be released from the madness of eternal nightmare,
behold the silver fire that shines,
crawl inside the magic nocturnal flames,
gathering parasites of light and wonder,
be at one with the sky,
embrace the lie of illumination,
the shining deceit from above encircles you all"

And then the crawling creatures, paralyzed
Victims of lights illusion, from the sky
Return into the nothing, from far away
All burn in flaming madness, find demise in the light